Tuesday, November 4, 2008

hey i just had a random thought
oh wait! before i tell you what it was i have something to say.
Don't kill me for this drew.
what if we all saw colors differently? i mean like my blue is your green. cause all of our eyes are different ,idk, and when i was little i saw grass as your orange, but my parents pointed to it and told me it was green! it could be possible couldn't it???? YES
drew hates it when i go off on that dont u drew???
hahahah i dont care!!!!!
I went over to drews today cause there were carpet cleaners @ my house and no one was home and it smelled ( actually it still does) and i couldn't walk on the carpet so i just went over there.
then stetson and matthew came over....yeah, they hate me.
i guess i don't care, k thats a lie, i do, but i can't change anything now can i?
so i left.