Friday, November 28, 2008

my life...

My list of things to do before dying, happy moments or things that will happen.It's all a part of life.
I'll ** it if It's done already!!!
- win a photography contest
- take pictures of issues in third world countries
- see the Mona Lisa
- Adapt a child
- serve in Africa
- go on a mission
- be truly, 100% in love
- go to Greece
- build a habitat for humanities
- have a baby (not for a loooong time!)
- go skinny dipping**(eek! you dont want to know)
- sing a song to someone i love to get them to come back to me (like in the movies)
- save someones life
-overcome something and write an inspirational book about it
-publish a book**
- Graduate from college
- spell college right without looking it up in the dictionary
- cry from laughing too hard**
- dance in the rain and catch it on film
- be in a movie**
- befriend a stranger**
- go sky diving
- ride a horse on the beach
-stay friends with someone for life
- die only in the arms of someone I love
- have my foot pop when i'm being kissed
-travel to at least 7 different countries, on at least 5 continents
- play a boring video game, just to make someone happy**
- have two guys fight over me
- stop thinking abut Edward Cullen (like that'll ever happen)
- name my child Ella
- one of the times when i practice writing my name with his last name, have it be for real
-change someones life for the better
- meet someone important in my life in a weird way
- meet the president
-cry myself to sleep **
-miss someone i know will never come back**

tell me anymore that you want to add and i'll add them

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Photography-pics i took <3

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

hey i just had a random thought
oh wait! before i tell you what it was i have something to say.
Don't kill me for this drew.
what if we all saw colors differently? i mean like my blue is your green. cause all of our eyes are different ,idk, and when i was little i saw grass as your orange, but my parents pointed to it and told me it was green! it could be possible couldn't it???? YES
drew hates it when i go off on that dont u drew???
hahahah i dont care!!!!!
I went over to drews today cause there were carpet cleaners @ my house and no one was home and it smelled ( actually it still does) and i couldn't walk on the carpet so i just went over there.
then stetson and matthew came over....yeah, they hate me.
i guess i don't care, k thats a lie, i do, but i can't change anything now can i?
so i left.

Monday, November 3, 2008

nov. 4th

i haven't posted in 4ever!!!!!!!!!
i dont really have much to write about.
i colored my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!(for you danielle!)
its dark brown on the bottom layer and red on top
it's pretty fierce!!!!
I cannot believe it's already NOVEMBER!!
I can't wait to be 14, I get to go to stake dances! YAY