Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fun Two Days of the Week

AHHH! Why are you reading this, when you should be eating your oatmeal?Or drinking a V8?
On Friday after school I hung out with Drew and Elizabeth and all day saturday too. ALL DAY. In total this weekend we've spent 13 1/2 hours together
13 1/2 HOURS!!! That is like 810 minutes. thats like 48,600 seconds!!! wow. It was soooooooooooooooooooo fun. I cant even explain. WE mostly played soccer and jumped on the tramp. But it was fun because I feel like i've known these people forever !!! Im so comfortable with them!!! Im not too skilled at soccer and i cant do trix on the tramp but what the heck? It was the best two days of my life! maybe


♡!!Su-sU the 0re0 ßαߥ!!♡ said...

Hehe.. you are funny. I found out of this out of the ordinary by typing converse in Google images. :]
I am a converse lover myself. Oh yea!

elizabeth said...

EMily!! i soo remember this!! we need to do it again!! ahh how i love drewie(as a brother) hehe. :p